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Bacterial, Virucidal, Sporicidal & Fungicidal Wipes

virusolve+ wipes
sporicidal wipes virusolve+ wipes
Proven effective against all pathogens found in body fluid spillages including Hep B and C, HIV (AIDS), C.diff spores, Norovirus, and all flu viruses invluding H5N1 (bird flu) CASE 12 X 225 HLD WIPES
Product Description
Introducing the world’s most effective cleaner and disinfectant:
Biocidal Cleaner And Disinfectant
VIRUSOLVE+ RTU 35gsm Disinfectant Wipes.
Proven to kill C.diff spores in 1 minute contact time
Available in 50, 100, 500, and 800 Packs
VIRUSOLVE+ is a complex blend containing the latest technology dodecylamine based structures. This technology makes a highly effective cleaner and terminal disinfectant. VIRUSOLVE+ has been tested and proven to be effective against ALL bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi and viruses (see below for testing and approvals).
VIRUSOLVE+ has been designed to eliminate the risk of cross infection in any environment including hospitals, care homes, schools, child day centers, hotels and public transport. The product does not just render the micro-organisms inactive but has demonstrated its ability destroy these micro-organisms by destroying the RNA (both RNA & DNA based micro-organisms).
VIRUSOLVE+ to date has killed every virus, spore and bacteria it has been tested on including MRSA, C-Diff, Norovirus and many more pathogens in 1/5 of the EN1276 required time making it 1000 time more effective than EN1276 requirements EN1276=is the chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in food, industrial, domestic, and institutional areas.
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Product Features
VIRUSOLVE+ destroys spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi
VIRUSOLVE+ cleans and disinfects in 1-step
VIRUSOLVE+ is 100% biodegradable
VIRUSOLVE+ is recognised by the HPA
VIRUSOLVE+ is CE marked as a medical device (CE 0120)
VIRUSOLVE+ is safe for use in food environments - non-tainting, odourless and meets ISO 4120
VIRUSOLVE+ is non-hazardous to human health - is neither a known or suspected carcinogen, Glutaraldehyde and Aldehyde free
VIRUSOLVE+ is hypo-allergenic and lanolin free
VIRUSOLVE+ is non-flammable and non-irritant
VIRUSOLVE+ is non-corrosive and does not affect plastics or rubbers
VIRUSOLVE+ can be used for all laboratory applications including TB
VIRUSOLVE+ can be used as a pre-soak for medical instruments for CSSD applications
VIRUSOLVE+ has a 2yr shelf life
VIRUSOLVE+ eliminates mould


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Product Specification


VIRUSOLVE+ has been tested and passed in accordance with BS6471, BS7424, BS6905, EN1275, EN1276, EN 1650, EN 13697, EN13727, EN14347, EN14348 and EN 14476. VIRUSOLVE+ is CE marked (CE O120) and manufactured to quality standards ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 13485:2003. A highly proven solution in the fight against infections.

VIRUSOLVE+ has also undergone rigorous testing at Europe’s leading laboratories, including: The Hospital Infection Research Laboratory in Birmingham, The Texcell Laboratory (Part of Institute Pasteur®), Paris, the UK Health Protection Agency, and approved by DEFRA.  

VIRUSOLVE+ is CE Marked (CE0120). Hence all of the claims made have been audited and verified on behalf of the UK regulator MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). 

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Bacterial, Virucidal, Sporicidal & Fungicidal Wipes
Bacterial, Virucidal, Sporicidal & Fungicidal Wipes
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effective medical disinfectant. Proven effective against C.diff, & MRSA Infections. SERIOUS HYGIENE PRODUCTS
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The Worlds Most Effective  Hospital & Medical Biocidal Cleaner & Disinfectant.

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