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Ten reasons why Virusolve is the optimum choice for your infection control cleaning disinfectant

 Virusolve+ - What is it?

VIRUSOLVE+ Disinfectant


 The Virusolve+ difference

In the past attacking viruses, fungi and bacteria was difficult because there was no effective cleansing disinfectant that could be safely used on these sensitive areas.

Virusolve+ combines a cleanser and disinfectant in a non-toxic, biodegradable compound that is simple and safe to use anywhere.


Ten reasons why Virusolve+ is the optimum choice for cleansing disinfectants.

1. Virusolve+ is an innovative blend of dodeclymine structures, solvents and completely safe detergent

2. Virusolve+ cleans and disinfects without leaving harmful residues

3. Virusolve+ is odourless, colourless and safe on all surfaces - fabric, rubber, plastic, vinyl, melamine, hard and soft materials

4. Virusolve+ is bleach-free and lanolin-free

5. Virusolve+ attacks and destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores, safely - with no risk for the people using it or the environment

6. Virusolve+ penetrates the membranes of bacteria and viruses destroying RNA and rendering cells incapable of replication or mutation

7. Virusolve+ continues fighting micro-organisms long after application

8. Virusolve+ can safely be used as an aerosol or atomised spray

9. Virusolve+ is totally non-hazardous at operational dilutions and will not cause skin irritation

10. Virusolve+ Has up to 7 day residual effect 

More than 1000 times more efficient in one fifth of the time.

Standard BS EN1276 antibacterial tests require that 99.999% of all bacteria are killed within 5 minutes of contact in lab conditions - at just 1% dilution, Virusolve+ kills 99.9999995 of MRSA - in less than one minute! In many tests, the laboratories have found too few bacteria left to count. That means no risk of cross infection where Virusolve+ has been used.

Just a 5% dilution of Virusolve+ will destroy every micro-organism in its path. 

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