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Infection Control Cleaning Services
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Serious Hygiene Products For Infection Control
Biocidal Disinfectant & Cleaner
The biggest step forward in infection control since penicillin.
Here you will find technical information, test data and applications for the worlds most effective biocidal disinfectant & cleaner.
Hospital & Medical Grade Disinfectant 
Virusolve+ has been proven to be the most powerful weapon against infections. A 5% solution will kill ALL known micro-organisms. Thats kill ALL known viruses and bacteria, spores (including C. diff spores) & mold. Virusolve+ can not only kill, but also cleans, providing save, effective cleaning and disinfection in 1 step. Virusolve+ has been independently proven to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores. Notice we say ‘destroy’ and not ‘inactivate’. That’s because Virusolve+ is also the only product that actually penetrates the membranes and renders the cells incapable of replication. So from the moment you use it, you can rest assured that microbials are never coming back.
Only one disinfectant stops infection in its tracks
(And its NOT the one your using) 
VIRUSOLVE+ Biocidal Hygiene Products














 medical hygiene disinfectant

Nursing Homes

care & nursing home disinfectant
safe solution for passenger transport decontamination

Simple, safe disinfection   solutions for passenger transport


safe solution for child care infection control
infection control for veterinary practice
infection control for hotels & the leisure industry

The combination cleanser and disinfectant for hotels & the leisure industry

Hygiene products for dental practices
Food safety hygiene product solution
 Laboratory clinical disinfectant

 All Other Business

High level hygiene for business

Only one disinfectant stops infection in its tracks
(And its NOT the one your using) 

VIRUSOLVE+ Test Data PageVIRUSOLVE+ Products

Infection Control Advice For All Business
Testing and validating a hygiene product which is so effective to kill such infections as MRSA, C-Diff (including C-Diff spores) and all Flu Viruses (including H5N1 bird flu) needs testing by law and with Virusolve+ to prove just how affective this unique chemical biocidal cleaner is. All claims Virusolve+ make are through laboratory testing, not just any laboratory, but many of Europe's finest independent testing facilities. These include: The Hospital Infection Research Laboratory in Birmingham, The Texcell Laboratory (Part of Institute Pasteur®), Paris, Blue Scientific Laboratory, Bodycote Law Labs, the UK Health Protection Agency, and approved by DEFRA.
Advanced Biocidal Technolgy
VIRUSOLVE+ has been tested and passed in accordance with BS6471, BS7424, BS6905, EN1275, EN1276, EN 1650, EN13697, EN13727, EN14347, EN14348 and EN14476
VIRUSOLVE+ is CE marked (CE O120) and manufactured to quality standards ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 13485:2003
Examples to show just how effective VIRUSOLVE+ is against MRSA, C.diff spores and Hepititis C Virus (HCV):

Example.1. 5% Virusolve+ Solution. Kill MRSA, (EN1276) started with 3,240,000,000 MRSA bacteria and were reduced in one minute contact time to less than 10 MRSA bacteria in clean and dirty conditions.

Example.2. Kill Clostridium difficile spores, (EN 1276 & EN 14347), started
with 15,300,000 C.diff spores and were reduced in one minute contact time to less than 10 in both clean & dirty conditions. (5% Virusolve+ solution)

Example.3. Kill HCV (hepatitis C virus). After one minute contact time HCV RNA was not detectable in the serum samples. (5% Virusolve+ solution)


Hospital & Medical Disinfectant Wipes
VIRUSAN hand Sanitiser
Concentrated Disinfectant to Kill ALL pathogens
VIRUSOLVE+ Disinfectant Spray

VIRUSOLVE+ Test Data PageVIRUSOLVE+ Products

Only Virusolve+ will kill MRSA, destroy C.diff (including clostridium difficile spores), & microbials, cost-effectively and safely, so why settle for second best any longer? In less than one minute, Virusolve+ will effectively remove the threat from almost any surface and stop the spread of infections in its tracks.

Only one disinfectant stops infection in its tracks
(And its NOT the one your using) 
Serious Hygiene Products


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