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Infection Control For Touring & Holiday Coach Travel

 Infection Control Solutions For

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 Touring Coach Operators

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In todays litigious society, people are quick to pick up the phone and call claim solicitors if they feel their holiday has not reached their expectations or events while on holiday have affected them. This could be from the effects of an infectious outbreak of Norovirus. This has already been seen in the cruise & hotel industry many times.
The coach environment holds a potential risk of infectious outbreaks through the close proximity of passengers eating, drinking and using on board toilets, without adequate hand washing facilites and poor cleaning practices.
When passengers board a touring coach they may seem fit and well, but within 24hrs they can become ill from Norovirus. This is know as the incubation period. During this time infectious viral particles can spread very quickly to other passengers and hotels.
Body Spillages & Health And Safety
Micro-organisms found on body spillages are covered under COSSH regulations 2002 as a substance hazardous to health (biological agents).
Assessment should be made of the risks to staff, passengers and equipment/chemicals used to clean or handle body spillages.
Body spillages include vomit, blood, urine, and faeces. They pose a risk, as it is impossible to know what infection any one person has. Blood and vomit pose, the main risk for coach operators as these spillages may contain Norovirus, Hepatitis B or C and HIV.
Therefore the safe clean up and management of body spillages is an important issue for staff and passengers. The correct equipment including personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used at all times when dealing with body spills of any kind. Contact ViRUSafe direct for approved body spillage kits and procedures for coaches and public transport operators.
ViRUSafe supply a range of body spill kits, super absorbent granules, odor nutralisers, and full bespoke infection control kits for touring coaches. More details
What is the Legal Position?

Whilst it is not always possible to prevent an infection coming into the coach environment, it is possible to take reasonable precautions and show due diligence to avoid the risk of harm to passengers.
Failure to take immediate and effective action, may result in a reasonable claim.
The fact that a number of passengers were ill as a result of a known outbreak, is all the proof that is generally needed for a “class action”, and compensation may be received for pain and suffering, and for loss of money with regard expenditure and income. It is likely that the damage will be greater if the operator was aware of the problem and did nothing to control it. This is negligence on the operators part.
It should be noted that a good infection control policy, staff training and hygiene procedures reduce the operators liability.
N.B. This is not a definitive legal opinion and the Courts remain the final arbiter of legislation.
Including Norovirus Awareness, Recognition and outbreak Control
Could your staff identify an outbreak of Norovirus onboard one of your touring coaches?
Could your staff control and manage a viral outbreak onboard one of your touring coaches?
Do your touring coaches have the correct equipment to safely manage any body spillages (COSHH Regulations 2002)? 
Are your staff trained to clean up body spillages (Health & Safety at work act)?
Could your staff advise passengers on infection control principles and personal hygiene during an outbreak?
Do your touring coaches have the correct equipment and chemicals to safely decontaminate the vehicle on tour?
Do you routinely use a proven biocidal cleaner to ensure passenger safety from infections?
If you have answered NO to any of the above questions the your passengers and staff are at risk from infections, and you may not comply with Health & Safety requirements.
Don't let your business be open to claims for compensation through negligence (doing nothing).
 Contact ViRUSafe and protect your passengers, staff and business from the effects of micro organisms.
Click here to visit our featured touring coach company and see what ViRUSafe can be put in place for your coach company.
coach decontamination disinfectant
The world’s most effective cleaner and disinfectant
Biocidal Cleaner and Disinfectant
disinfectant for noro outbreaks


VIRUSOLVE+ The most advanced biocidal cleaner and disinfectant available. Proven to be effective against all know infections including Norovirus & flu viruses (including Bird flu H5N1), and safe to use in any environment including touring coaches.
VIRUSOLVE+ is a safe and cost effective solution to cleaning and disinfecting in 1 step, recognised by the Health Protection Agency. Tested and proven effective within the NHS and DEFRA approved. Available in ready to use or concentrated form. Click here to buy VIRUSOLVE+
The biggest step forward in infection control since penicillin.
The biggest step forward your business can make to protect passesngers and staff from infections.
Free & Confidential Infection Control Advice For All Business
ViRUSafe The One Stop Infection Control Solution For The Coach Industry
Creating Germ Free Environments For Safe Travel


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