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Infection Control Cleaning Services
Outbreak Planning
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Infection Control Solutions
Infection control and Health & Safety



  • Infection control is an issue of Health and Safety and is therefore, both an employer and employee responsibility.

    The main provisions of Health and Safety legislation relate to infection control in a number of ways:

    1. Organisms that can cause infection are subject to risk assessment under the COSHH regulations and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1992.

    2. Various substances such as disinfectants used to prevent cross infection are subject to risk assessment prior to use. Health and Safety guidance highlights the importance of the risk assessment process i.e.

    • Identify the risk
    • Assess the risk
    • Note current measures which are being used to control or mitigate the risk
    • Inform/train staff
    • Monitor outcomes
    • Implement policies and procedures

    The need to comply with Health and Safety regulations is law. They are there to protect your business, employees and you.

    ViRUSafe can review and put in place the necessary risk assessments, policies and procedures to ensure that your business is covered under both Health and Safety and COSHH regulations for infection control. Contact ViRUSafe




    Infection Control Audits, Policies & Procedures

    Infection control policies and procedures are recommended for any business where body spills such as vomit, blood and urine pose a risk to staff, clients or visitors. These include: schools, child day care centres, care homes, hotels, coach and public transport operators. (coach, rail, tram, and aircraft). Any business which sees high levels of the public entering, visiting or waiting will benefit from infection control procedures. The procedures will reduce the threat of cross infection of communicable disease, and reduce staff absences through sickness.

    Body spillages include blood, vomit, faeces and urine, all of which contain micro-organisms which can cause infection including HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and Norovirus. All of which are hazards under the COSHH regulations 2002 and require adequate safety controls be put in place to reduce the risks to staff and visitors.

    Infection control audits are mainly being used in the education and care home sectors. Many other business, such as call centres or corporate offices, are now benefiting from infection control audits which help identify potential risk areas for staff and visitors. The results of the audits are used to help and educate staff to be aware of the risks posed by infections and reduce staff sickness days.

    The aim of an audit is to identify what is currently in place to reduce the risk of infection to both staff and visitors, and to indicte where improvements can be made. They also form a solid foundation for preparing business for infectious outbreak planning procedures. 

    ViRUSafe conduct bespoke infection control audits, policies and procedures for individual businesses. All the information is treated in the strictest confidence.

    Audit results are evaluated and a full report is produced. Included in the report are action plans and guidance notes, covering any areas which we feel you and your business need to improve, in order to control the risk of infections.

    A typical audit covers the following areas of infection control:

    General working environment.
     All Surfaces.
    Bathrooms & toilet areas.
    Hand hygiene
    Personal protective equipment.
    Risks of body spillages.
    Guidelines, policies, procedures and standards.

    Combined with the correct cleaning practices, chemicals and equipment any business can reduce the threats of infectious micro-organisms to staff, visitors and clients.

    ViRUSafe offer a one stop solution to all your infection control requirements.


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    Infectious Outbreak Planning

    In todays litigious society "Duty of Care" has never been more important. Numerous laws exist which make it all too easy for staff and clients to make claims against your business, from infections acquired whilst in your care. In the event of a claim, you need to provide evidence that you and your business, have done everything practicable to prevent and control any infecious outbreak.

    An outbreak of Norovirus can not only have massive financial costs to your business, but can destroy your valued reputation in weeks. People always associate infections with poor hygiene standards and practices. For hotels, holiday complexes, child care nurseries, and coach travel this is a devastating blow. The reputation of your business is probably one of the most single important assests.

    Other business sectors don't escape the effects of an infectious outbreak. Staff sickness = lost production and the risk of having to close your business to eradicate any infection, leading to claims being made against you. The cost to your business could run in to thousands of pounds through staff sickness and lost days while deep cleaning takes place.

    Making sure your business is able to cope if an infectious outbreak occures, from Norovirus to pandemic flu, is a vital tool for any business.

    Staff training and preparation ensures that an outbreak is identified early and can be contained before it becomes a major issue.

    The key to the rapid eradication of a any infection is immediate action by staff and managment. First to identify an outbreak followed by meticulous cleaning and disinfection of affected areas, with the correct safe chemicals and equipment.

    In order that an outbreak may be rapidly brought under control, it is imperative that management and staff are fully prepared for an incident at all times.

    ViRUSafe tailor make an outbreak plan for any working environment covering these main points:

    Appointing company outbreak manager.
    Identifying who will act as the co-ordinators.
    Identifying which members of staff will be members of the Clean up Squad.
    Identify the person/company who will clean affected areas.
    Train the Clean up Squad in the symptoms, causes and eradication of the virus.

    Be Prepared
    Define responsibilities
    Appoint a clean up team
    Provide training

    ViRUSafe solutions offer all our clients the best available chemical biocides and equipment to reduce the risk of micro-organisms and outbreak occuring through infection control cleaning practices and staff training. Ensuring a clean safe environment for staff and your clients on a day to day baisis.

    Making sure key staff have the knowledge and resources to be able to act promptly in the event of an outbreak could save your business money, time and your reputation.

    ViRUSafe: Creating Germ Free Environments.

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    Infection Control Training

    Making sure staff understand the basic principals of infection control is a fundamental part of ViRUSafe. Giving your staff the tools and information required to take good care of themselves, and understand the risks posed to them in their working environment, reduces absenteeism and improves health and well being.

    In house training gives staff a practical view of risks posed to them and to what you, the employer, expect under Health and Safety from your employees.

    Training and guidance are arranged to suit your business and cover the core principals of modern infection control solutions including:

    Introduction to infection control
    Infection control & Health and Safety
    Viruses and bacteria
    Spread of micro-organisms and infections
    Cross infection
    Hand washing
    Protective clothing for infection control
    What is clean, what is not
    Risks from body fluid spillages
    Safe handling of body fluids
    Food hygiene*
    And much more

    Simple understandable guidance and training through visual demonstrations with glow sick and UV light detection, makes learning fun and easy for everyone with no PhD understanding in microbiology required.  contact ViRUSafe


    * FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT. Since the change in the Food Hygiene Regulations act in January 2006, ALL food and drink businesses in the United Kingdom now must have in place a documented food safety management system, which includes the principles of HACCP. It is now a legal requirement. Online training for food safety management courses can be obtained from the following accredited company recommended by ViRUSafe Ltd.

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