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Infection Control Cleaning Services
Outbreak Planning
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Single Spill Kit/refill

INFECTION CONTROL Outbreak Planning Single Spill Kit/refill
INFECTION CONTROL Outbreak Planning Single Spill Kit/refillINFECTION CONTROL Outbreak Planning Single Spill Kit/refill
A fully disposable body spillage kit refill. Contains all the personal protection equipment and chemicals to safely clean up body fluids. Available with or without chlorine absorbent granules. Ideal for classrooms and public transport.
Product Description

Micro organisms found in body fluids such as blood, urine and vomit may contain infections which are hazardous to heath. These include Norovirus, Hepititus B and C and even HIV (AIDS). Body spillage kits are seen as the safest way to control the risk of infection to staff by containing all the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and chemicals recommended for the safe clean up and managment of body spillages.

Under COSHH 2002 regulations biological agents such as known to be present in body fluid are a substance hazadious to health. A risk assessment should be made in acordance with your business and training and all nessesary personal protective equipment must be supplied. The ViRUSafe spill kits are recomended as a method to control and reduce the risk of infection as required by the Heath & Safety act. 

All ViRUSafe kits are supplied with MSDS (material safety data sheets), detailed written procedures for the safe managment and clean up of body spillages and example risk assessment form for body spillage managment.

ViRUSafe offer bespoke spill kits up to 50 applications and bespoke infectious outbreak kits (inc H5N1 bird flu). Contact ViRUSafe direct for details.

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Product Features

The emergency body spillage kits are ideal for school and nursery class rooms and day trips, touring coaches, hotels, care homes and offices. When body spills occur someone has to be responsible for the safe clean up. Each kit contains: 1 X 10g pack of absorbant granules, 1 X disposable face mask, 1 X disposable apron 1, 1 X plastic scoope and scraper, 1 X pair of disposable latex gloves, 1 X non alcoholic hand wipe, 1 X disposable cleaning cloth, 1 X 30ml viruscidal cleaning fluid.

Kit Upgrade. (per single kit)

1 X pair of disposable cover sleeves.
1 X pair of disposable shoe covers.
30ml spray of CleanZone air freshener.
Natrile disposable gloves.
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Single Spill Kit/refill
Single Spill Kit/refill
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